The Secret Files

For the first time ever, the reading public, the whole world, can learn the truth about THE FREAKY JOE CLUB!

The pages of SECRET FILE NUMBER ONE: THE MYSTERY OF THE SWIMMING GORILLA are ready to be opened, and here is where it all begins. At least, begins this time...

On a hot, hot, summer’s day in June (it is always hot in this part of Texas in June), Conor asks Jack and Timmy to meet him. In a new place, The Secret Place. Here he tells them the news. THE FREAKY JOE CLUB is about to begin a new series of adventures.

Jack and Timmy have been chosen. To join Conor and The Beast as Secret Agents who will fight evil and solve mysteries. There can be only three.

Jack declares, “I’ll be so good at that!”

But Conor warns him, warns them both. “You have to be brave.”

This turns out to be true.

The newly formed club is:
    a) chased by an angry bike riding horde, and
    b) has a daring escape, but
    c) is, oh no, forced to baby-sit, and then
    d) has a close encounter with a gorilla?

Which raises the question- is there more than one beast loose in Ship’s Cove?

The answer to that, and oh so much more, is between the pages of THE FREAKY JOE CLUB, SECRET FILE NUMBER ONE.

Recently opened for all to see is SECRET FILE NUMBER TWO, of THE FREAKY JOE CLUB.

Yes, THE CASE OF THE SMILING SHARK, is now available for anyone to read.

In these pages, THE FREAKY JOE CLUB begins to rest after the exciting business of their first case, having just stopped dancing the famous end zone dance. But there is no rest for a Secret Agent.

Another case comes knocking at their door.
Or, to be more accurate, comes splashing up in their faces at the Ship’s Cove pool. The pool is home to the Ship’s Cove Octopi, a fast moving, award winning swim team. Well, okay, home to a bunch of neighborhood kids who swim together. And some of them actually know how. To swim.

But they are a team, a team unified in their common goal: to not be completely humiliated the next time they swim against the Sylvan Glen Sharks. A team determined to help Coach Greta, the famous whistle blowing, cement truck driving coach. For she wants to win the big swim-a-thon, and show everyone just how tough the Octopi really are.

Are they?

Are Conor, Timmy and Jack tough enough, brave enough to solve the Case of the Smiling Shark?

Will this Secret File reveal the truth about Bubba Butowski?

Will the boys be seriously hurt by flying candy corn?

There is only one way to find out. Read THE FREAKY JOE CLUB, SECRET FILE NUMBER TWO.

And remember what The Condor says. Any day spent reading a mystery is a good day.

Why not have yourself one?


Well hurry as fast as you can and find one at your local bookstore.

Or you could just click on to the LINKS page. There is a connection to an actual, real bookstore, The Blue Willow Bookshop, which is located near Ship’s Cove. They would be happy to send you an autographed copy!

There are links as well to online bookstores and the phone number for The Children’s Bookshop. Lots of ways to order a book, but remember to ask the adult in your life for permission and assistance. If you are yourself an adult, you already know that you can do what you want.

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