The Secret Files

NAME: Conor


DESCRIPTION: He is the leader of the club. The one who possesses a red book wrapped round with a bicycle chain. The Real and True Actual Secret Files. This was given to Conor so he would start a FREAKY JOE CLUB. Ah, but who gave it to him? Just how much does he know about FREAKY JOE? And when will he tell the others?

FAVORITE BOOK: Impossible to name only one. Probably the entire series of Remington Reedmarsh, Lemur Detective. A particular favorite is The Tale of the Terrible Tyrant Tyler. (The Terrible Tyrant being a Marsupial of Enormous Size.) Conor has recently begun reading a new series: Sir Chester, Knight Detective. There is nothing like discovering a great new mystery series. But you would know that, wouldn't you? For you came to

FAVORITE TEAM: It's a tie between:

a) The Boston Red Sox Baseball Team - The Condor is nothing if not loyal. Which is the only way to be a Red Sox fan.
b) The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team - The Condor believes in rooting for teams named for natural disasters. Except Thunderstorms and Swarms of Locusts.

FAVORITE SPORT: No Question - Roller Hockey

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. Pizza. More Pizza. (only from Speeds).

LEAST FAVORITE THING: Playing Kissy Kitty dolls with little sister Bella.

NAME: Timmy


DESCRIPTION: When asked to be a secret agent for Freaky Joe, Timmy saluted, answering the call. He has been saluting ever since. No one is sure why. But one thing is sure; a mystery solving secret agent must be clever. Timmy is. He can find something to snack on, or a piece of candy, where no one else can. Of course no one else will eat what Timmy finds. Except, of course, The Beast.

FAVORITE GAME: Cheese Puff Toss

FAVORITE TV SHOW: It's a tie between:

a) The Great World Wide Candy Chase
b) Cooking Cookies with Carmen

FAVORITE BOOK: Chocolate, A World History

FAVORITE FOOD: Everything (except Beets and Cauliflower)


NAME: Jack

CODE NAME: Chase William (at least for now)

DESCRIPTION: Holder of many land-speed records, Jack is the guy in the FREAKY JOE CLUB who is most likely to be first out the door and on the job. Before he even knows what case needs solving. But that is okay with the Jack, for he does not want to bother with details. He just wants to be first.

FAVORITE DANCE: The towel hula.

FAVORITE FOOD: It's a tie between:

a) Speeds Pizza
b) Quick Stop Burgers



FAVORITE BOOK: Um. Hard. Books are Good. But there's the problem of sitting to read. Let's see...Around the World in Twenty Days.


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