The Secret Files

SSSHH! Not so loud...

I mean, I'm glad you found us here. Welcome, and all that important stuff.

But remember, The FREAKY JOE CLUB is supposed to be a secret organization. I know some members of the club forget to keep their voices down, but The Condor and I are sure that you can do better than that.

Of course this will not make sense to you unless you have read one of The Secret Files. What? Three of you out there have not? Oh, how sad. Listen, get a copy of SECRET FILE NUMBER #1: THE MYSTERY OF THE SWIMMING GORILLA. (You could also get a copy of SECRET FILE #2 at the same time, just to save yourself a trip.) Turn off the computer, sit down in a comfy chair and start reading. Then come back. We'll be waiting for you. If you are one of those in the know, come on in and roam around. Maybe drop a line to Conor or to me. We would both love to hear from you.

Or you could, IF YOU DARE, try to answer the big question:


Yours in secret,
P.J. McMahon

The Writer and the Drawing Guy
The Secret Agents
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