The Secret Files This is a special page for adults who have come to visit with us here at THE FREAKY JOE CLUB.

By adults we would mean TEACHERS, PARENTS, LIBRARIANS, and SPIES.

Thank you for visiting and an even bigger thanks for all you are doing to put good books in the hands of the kids in your life.

P.J. McMahon loves to do school visits! The author promises a fun and educational day for you. Oh, and for your kids too! We can provide you with information on having P.J. McMahon visit your school. Recommendations from schools that have already been lucky enough to have a visit are available. Just send an E-mail to FREAKYJOECLUB@AOL.COM

If you would like to have a TEACHER/LIBRARIAN guide to the FREAKY JOE CLUB books, please E-mail us at FREAKYJOECLUB@AOL.COM and we will send that right along.

PARENTS, you might enjoy finding out creative ways to use the FREAKY JOE CLUB books in your own home, so we'd be delighted to send you a guide too.
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